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Everyone of us in our country seem to to be proportionately divided over the legalization of strains of marijuana. Everyone of us have read a lot of information, as well as there are different types of benefits for the uses of medicinal marijuana. And carefully restricted doses, many research centers found that medical marijuana can formally treat many different types of diseases. Our own FDA has problems with medicinal marijuana, as well as this is in partly due to drug companies as well as their money. Drug companies would like to stop the use of medicinal marijuana, because it is much cheaper to grow marijuana than it is to make pills. Drug companies would lose billions of dollars every year, if medicinal marijuana becomes more easily accessible for everyone in the states. Medicinal marijuana is helpful for everyone of us, because it helps to tackle the symptoms of many different types of ailments. Marijuana can be great for cancer patients, because it helps to subside the feelings of nauseousness as well as formatting. Cancer patients can also get the munchies, and feel hunger even though they are without an appetite. Marijuana medications are completely advantageous, because they can be used in many different forms. Inhaling medicinal marijuana seems to be a preferred method of delivery, as well as it can be absorbed into the bloodstream very easily. Medicinal marijuana has been used for a number of years, to treat pain from diabetes as well as neuropathy. Patients who have been given medicinal marijuana as an treatment course, have come back feeling much better than patients who were given a placebo.