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What chemicals in pot helps out medical patients? I did not realize that there are certain ingredients in medical marijuana that helps out specific issues. I always thought medical marijuana was people smoking a joint and feeling better. It is way more scientific than that. There is an ingredient in marijuana that is called cannabinoids. A marijuana plant has over 100 cannabinoids in it and this ingredient helps patients out. There are two main portions to cannabinoids as well. There is THC and CBD. The THC is used more towards cancer patients. What it does is reduce nausea and also helps your appetite. When going through chemotherapy, the THC is what is helping most of these patients. The chemo makes it impossible to keep any food down due to the nausea. THC is what helps them feel healthier, gain a little weight and get some color back to their face. The flack that THC gets is that this is what get people high. So while we don’t like the idea of allowing a bunch of people to get high, it really does more help than harm. My opinion too is that if you are going through cancer, getting high a few times is not that bad. Smoke up, and have a little enjoyment. CBD is not a chemical that gets you high though. CBD can reduce your pain levels, inflammation and helping out seizes. This element has been known to help mental illness and also can control addictions. Most epilepsy patients use CBD. The National Institutes of Health are still currently researching on more benefits of THC and CBD for patients.

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