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When it comes to the legalization of marijuana, the country is fairly divided.  Despite opinions, there are proven benefits to medicinal marijuana.  The majority of research centers around the psychoactive compounds of marijuana administered in carefully restricted doses.  Although the FDA has not yet endorsed medicinal marijuana, this is largely the influence of large drug companies who are hoping to block access to a much cheaper alternative.  Despite the many roadblocks, experts have been able to gather valid information and arguments for the merits of medicinal marijuana.  For example, marijuana is helpful in easing the nausea and vomiting experienced by cancer patients following chemotherapy treatments.  The FDA has actually approved synthetic versions of its main psychoactive compound.  AIDS patients have been found to have improved appetite and less nausea.  Marijuana meds were more advantageous than conventional anti-nausea drugs for patients recovering from chemotherapy.  Although inhaled marijuana is better absorbed in the bloodstream, it has not been largely studied at this point.   Research which tracks patients for longer periods, at least a few years, is needed.  Medicinal marijuana is also being used more and more to treat the burning pain the feet and hands due to diabetes, AIDS, and other conditions.  In a series of trials, marijuana has proven superior to traditional pain medication.  Doctors are hoping to eventually be allowed to recommend medicinal marijuana as an FDA-approved product.  Until then, patients are experimenting with marijuana on their own, and getting results.  However, uncontrolled usage puts people at risk.  It’s time for the medical community to do what’s best for people and invest more time and money into research.