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I used to be against people who talked about legalizing marijuana. I figured these people just wanted to get high all of the time. They want to smoke joints in public, stink up restaurants and influence our younger generation. I am not a smoker and I have never smoke before. I was at first against pot because of the recreational use. Smoke enough marijuana and you have no brain cells. You can’t talk as well, remember as much and function in society. That is what I was against. But, I recently had a friend Brain who talked to me about marijuana. He believes in legalizing pot for medical purposes. We talked back and forth and Brain has convinced me that legalization is not a bad thing. First, I was picturing a bunch of people smoking joints whenever they want. I even thought the medical marijuana patients smoked joints. Nope, that actually is not true. Most medical marijuana patients use oils or edibles in order to get what they need. Also the medical marijuana patients are not trying to get high. In fact, most patients are taking medical marijuana without that ingredient. You can suppress the mind altering stuff. The patients are only getting what they need from the plant. In cancer patients medical marijuana is stopping nausea. It also increases their appetite. With epilepsy these people are taking marijuana to help out their seizures. How can I be against that? Sure, marijuana used excessively is bad, but what in our lives is not the same? I am totally for legalizes it all the way.

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