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The two of us absolutely believe that marijuana should be legalized. Our own country seems to be divided evenly on the issue, even though it’s clear that there is much research to prove the benefits of medicinal marijuana. The two of us work in a research center that carefully checks medicinal marijuana and restrict the types of dosas. The two of us work for the Food and Drug Administration, and they are still working on endorsing the different strands of medicinal marijuana. It can be a difficult task to do, because many of the larger drug companies do not wish to see medical marijuana ever come to fruition. Experts in their field have been able to fight on behalf of medical marijuana, because it is clear to the two of us that there are serious examples for the benefits of the use of medical marijuana. Many cancer patients have enjoyed marijuana usage as a treatment course for the help of nausea and vomiting. Patients with HIV or Aids have also found and improved sense of appetite, after using a medicinal marijuana. Research in our field happens to track all of the patients for many years, so that we can find out if medicinal marijuana has effects that are felt over a long period of time. Medicinal marijuana has been tested on many levels, and it has already been approved to treat a number of people at risk. Our medical community knows that it is definitely time to invest our money and time on learning more about medicinal marijuana and its benefits.

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